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Military Veterans’ Act & it’s Provisions

A Military Veterans Act (Act, 18 of 2011) (click here to view) was Promulgated in 2011 The Act provides principles recognised by the State as governing the affairs of military veterans and for policy objectives. In this regard:

The Military Veterans Act further provides for:

The function of the Director General of the Department of Military Veterans is to, in conjunction with SANMVA and other military veteran organisations, create mechanisms to ensure that SANMVA serves as an umbrella organisation representing military veterans’ associations. It should do so in a fair manner, conducting its business in a fair, transparent and accountable manner, hold free, fair and regular elections and at least once a year report to the Minister on its activities. A military veteran’s organisation is not obliged to join SANMVA.

In terms of Section 1 of the Military Veterans Act (Act 18 of 2011), a “Military Veteran” is defined as “Any South African citizen who-

and has completed his or her military training and no longer performs military service, and has not been dishonourably discharged from that military organisation or force”.

South African National Military Veteran Association (SANMVA)

SANMVA was first formed and constituted at a conference at the Booysens Hotel in Johannesburg on 27 October 2008 in terms of the then Military Veterans’ Bill, but CMVO member organisations knew nothing about the new movement at the time.

Through a lot of interaction, deliberation and negotiation between the CMVO and SANMVA, the CMVO was subsequently included as a member organisation of SANMVA in the latter’s Constitution and now, together with AZANLAMVA, APLAMVA, BDFMVA, CDFMVA, MKMVA, TDFMVA AND VDFMVA, forms the 8 “founder members” of SANMVA.

SANMVA is the only umbrella veterans’ organisation that is recognised in the Military Veterans Act. [The CMVO used to be the only umbrella veterans’ organisation covering the old established traditional military veterans’ associations, including the Signals Association (Western Cape)].

The Mission of SANMVA is “to be a national organisation which unites military veterans’ organisations; whose members have experienced the sufferings of conflict and war, and whose forces fought side by side or faced each other in combat, and want to contribute to the maintenance of a democratic and united South Africa established in terms of and based on the principles of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996”.


Military Veterans qualify for the following benefits, provided they pass a “means test”, details of which were Promulgated in Regulations made by the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans under Section 24 of the Military Veterans Act, 2011 (Act No 18 of 2011) as published under Government Notice No R.122 in Government Gazette No 37355 of 19 February 2014 (

The above benefits are in various stages of delivery and are dependent on the necessary budgets and structures of a number of State Ministries and the Department of Military Veterans’ Affairs.

The various benefits contained in the above Regulations, briefly, are as follows (Sections of the Act in brackets). For full details rather refer to the actual Regulations in Government Notice No R.122 in Government Gazette No 37355 of 19 February 2014:

In summary, the Criteria prescribed in the Regulations for applying for benefits are as follows. The criteria differs for each of the benefits, but the main criteria (for the interest of our members) are more or less the same over all of the benefits.  For full details rather refer to the actual Regulations in Government Notice No R.122 in Government Gazette No 37355 of 19 February 2014.

A person does not need to be a member of a military veteran association / organization  to qualify or apply for benefits under the Military Veterans’ Act.

The procedure to apply for military veterans benefits is set out in Clause 19(1) of

Military Veterans Benefits Regulations : 2014, published under Government Notice R122 in Government Gazette 37355 dated 19 February 2014, which states:

“A military veteran or his or her representative may, subject to regulation 7(2), apply for a military veterans benefit by completing the appropriate application form at an office of the Department, or at any other place designated by the Department, in the presence of an official designated by the Department.”

However, if any of our members who may qualify for benefits as described herein, he/she can contact our association for assistance by emailing

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