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SIGNALS ASSOCIATION Useful Links (Alphabetical)

Please note that the SIGNALS ASSOCIATION will not be responsible for the content or reliability of the following web sites and linking to them should not be considered as an endorsement of any kind. Click on any of the logos or underlined links below to visit their website or to send them an e-mail.

Antique Wireless Association of Southern Africa (AWASA)

Department of Military Veteran Affairs (DMV)

 Jimmy’s Clocks (for Clocks with any SANDF Emblem)

Remember us S.A. (RUSA)

Royal Signals Association

Royal Signals Institution (E-mail)

Royal Signals Organisation

SA Air Force Website

Council for Military Veteran Organisation (CMVO)

SA Army Signals Formation

SA Army Website

SA Military Health Services (SAMHS)

SA National Defence Force (SANDF) Website

SA Navy Website


South African Radio League (SARL) E-Mail

SA Reserve Force Council

World Veteran Federation, France

Fellow member organisations of the CMVO (Alphabetical)


31/201 Battalion Veterans’ Association

32 Battalion Veterans’ Association

61 Mechanised Veterans’ Association

Armour Association (South Africa)

Curamus Association

Ebo Trust (E-mail)

Friends of the Forces Association (FOFA) (E-mail)

Gunners Association (South Africa)

SA Infantry Association

Memorable Order of Tin Hats (M.O.T.H.)

Naval Officers’ Association of Southern Africa (NOASA - Simons Town)


Naval Officers’ Association of Southern Africa (NOASA - Johannesburg   E-mail)

SA Air Force Association (SAAFA)

Parabat Veterans Organisation (PVO) (South Africa) (E-mail)

SA Defence Force Association (SADFA)

SA Jewish Ex-Service League (E-mail)


SA Korean War Association

SA Legion of Military Veterans

SA Medical Health Service Veterans’ Association (SAMHS VA)

SA Military Veterans Organisation International (SAMVOINT)

Sappers Foundation

SA Special Forces League (Recce Group)

Savannah Veterans’ Association (Facebook page)

St Dunstan’s Association for South African War Blinded Veterans


ZF MgCawu Regimental Veteran Association

Other Military Veteran Organisations / Regimental Associations (Alphabetical)

3 Field Engineering Regiment Association

Cape Field Artillery (CFA) Regimental Association

Cape Garrison Artillery (CGA) Regimental Association

Cape Town Highlanders (CTH) Regimental Association

Mail: Mail: Mail: Mail: Mail:

Regiment Oranjerivier (ROR) Regimental Association

Regiment Westelike Provincie (RWP) Regimental Association

SAS Unitie Association

Ciskei National Defence Force Military Veteran Association (Cape Town branch) (E-mail)

Mail: Mail:

The Dukes Association

Transkei National Defence Force Military Veteran Association (Cape Town branch) (E-mail)

Other links of mutual interest

Hipe Media - website design, e-book production, online magazines, photography, video production

SADF Stories YouTube Channel

Useful Publications (Alphabetical)

Antique Wireless Association of Southern Africa Newsletter

Brian Austin Electric History – Electropaedia (Battery and Energy Technology)

Maritime News (E-mail)

Rhodesian Army

Royal Signal Institution Journal

SACS Radar History

SA Reserve Force Volunteer Magazine

SA Soldier Magazine

U.R.S.I. (International Union of Radio Science) Radio Science Bulletin

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