Signals Association

Domestic Rules

(As Amended at the Annual General Meeting of the Association held on 9 March 2002)


      1.1  Although the Constitution makes provision for the objectives of the SIGNALS ASSOCIATION (Western Cape), it is              necessary to have short term objectives (sub-objectives), so as to enable the Association to get off the ground and on              a regular basis review the short term objectives. The short term objectives are:

      1.2  To promote a feeling of association among all serving signallers, all ex-signallers, the Signals “Industry” and all those              associated with Communications, including the Command Management Information Formation (CMI Formation).

      1.3   To establish a sound administrative system for the Association.

      1.4   To ensure that the financial administration is based on sound financial practice and principles.

      1.5  To register as a Fundraiser and Welfare Organisation.

      1.6  To affiliate to the Council of Military Veterans Organisation.

      1.7  To affiliate to any established signals/communications association.

      1.8   To design, develop and have manufactured heraldically approved insignia for the Association.


       2.1 All members of the SIGNALS ASSOCIATION are liable to pay membership fees. The membership fees will provide the              Association with the necessary capital as to enable it to administer the Association professionally. The membership fees              are as follows:

       Initial entrance fee:         Voluntary contribution.  Details of the Voluntary Initial Entrance Fees contributed by the Founder                                            Members have been included in the Minutes of the Founding Meeting of the Association held on 2                                            December 2000.

       Annual subscription fee:  The annual subscription fee shall be by means of voluntary donations until such time as decided                                            otherwise at an Annual General Meeting following a recommendation by the Committee.

       2.2 Corporate Members will pay an annual membership fee as negotiated with the Committee, which will entitle that              organisation to one vote at meetings and at the Annual General Meeting and to nominate up to three persons to              represent such corporate member during that particular year.

       2.3  The membership fees will be reviewed annually by the COMMITTEE but will not be increased by more than the annual              inflation rate on a year to year basis.

       2.4  Founder Members are liable only for a once off Voluntary amount of at least R20,00 which will take care of the Annual              Subscription Fee for the first year (i.e. 2001).

       2.5  Membership Fees are due and payable on the 1st of January of each and every year.


       3.1  The COMMITTEE must ensure that the funds of the Association are employed to the advantage of the members as              described in the objectives of the Association. The responsibilities of the Committee imply that:

       3.2  Any funds available may be invested or re-invested in any part of the world with the object of gaining the highest              return on that investment.

       3.3  A building which may serve as Headquarters of the association may be acquired by means of a donation, deed of sale,              loan, rent, etc.


       3.4  Any movable assets of the Association may be sold by means of public auction, public tender or a private transaction,              with the approval of the Committee.

       3.5  Members who are likely to incur travel and accommodation claims may claim them back from the association with the              necessary invoices. The authority of the Committee is needed prior to the trip.

      3.6  Moveable and immovable property must be insured against theft, loss or damage against fire, natural disaster and              public lawlessness.


       4.1  The Committee shall appoint their own executives to handle the day to day administration of the Association.

       4.2  The EXECUTIVE shall meet when required and at the discretion of the Chairperson.


       5.1  The standard meeting procedure will be used for all Association matters.

       5.2 When the number of votes are tied with regard to a certain motion or amendment, the Chairperson has a casting vote,              but is not forced to exercise it. In the event of him/her not exercising his/her casting vote, the motion / amendment              will be regarded as rejected.


The Committee meetings are to be held as frequently as deemed necessary by the Chairperson.

                                                            CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL

These DOMESTIC RULES of the SIGNALS ASSOCIATION (Western Cape) were APPROVED at the Founding Meeting of the SIGNALS ASSOCIATION (Western Cape)  held at Acasia Park Military Base on the 2nd day of December 2000.

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