Signals Association

Conference/Workshop, 21 August 2017


The Association held an important conference/Workshop to determine the way forward for the association at a Conference Venue in Bellville on Saturday, 21 August 2017.

The entire Management Committee (MANCO) and its Accounting Officer got together and it was clear that the Association was blessed with having such a wide spectrum of experienced individuals to manage the affairs of the Association. the Manco consists of all ranks being represented, commencing from corporal through every rank thereafter to Lt Col, the latter of whom four formerly served as Officers Commanding of 71 Signal Unit, out of which the Association was born in the year 2000.

Col (Ret'd) Adriaan Theron, an Independant Veteran Support Co-ordinator, having been invited, facilitated the workshop.

The workshop commenced at 09:00 sharp with a photo session followed by Adriaan briefly explaining the military veteran organisational set-up in South Africa.

With the active participation of all present, a SWOT analysis was done which provided much insight into the individual thinking of each member of management.

Following an informal working lunch, the afternoon was spent in drafting Value, Mission and Vision Statements, which process still needs to be formalised once each member of Manco have individually drafted his/her personal statements and then getting together to select the best, or a combination of drafted Statements, for official adoption by the Association. The workshop ended at 16:30 resulting in a full day's hard work thanks to the professional input of Adriaan Theron.