Signals Association


As a follow-on of the Association's first Conference/Workshop to determine the way forward for the association on Saturday, 21 August 2017, the Management Committee (MANCO) and its Accounting Officer got together again at a second Workshop, this time held in the Boardroom of the SA Legion's Cape Town offices on Saturday, 16 June 2018.

The entire Manco barring two members, one who was in Pretoria for his employer and the other one because of sudden domestic problems, gathered for another full day of creative thinking.

As the facilitator at the previous workshop, Col (Ret'd) Adriaan Theron, an Independant Veteran Support Co-ordinator, have since relocated to Pretoria, Manco was fortunate to have amongst its members an experienced facilitator, Geoff Laskey, who happens to be a consultant at DMS NPC (Disaster Management Solutions), where he facilitates workshops and trains people in the disaster management environment.  

This workshop focussed on the outcomes of the first workshop when, with the active participation of all present and written inputs from the two absent members, drafted several versions and then later finalised Value, Mission and Vision Statement. These Statements are now included under the Link "About Us" on this website.

Manco also managed to finalise Dress Codes for the wearing of the Association's Royal Blue Blazer, whilst Formal Evening Wear and Alternative Evening Wear for Male and Female members were also introduced. These Dress Codes also appear under the Link "Dress and Memorabilia".

2nd Annual Workshop,  Saturday 16 June 2018